The value proposition for sellers is:

1. Immediate revenue and cash-flow

  • Optionally: we can make payment to a charity of your choice
  • Optionally: we can supply gift cards for employee recognition/bonus

2. Tax benefits

  • Inventory costs can’t be claimed until disposition - we are that disposition

3. No disposal costs

4. Reclaimed space or lease avoidance

5. Discretion

  • We understand the sensitivity of the information you share with us, and will gladly execute a mutual NDA 

6. Release of liability

  • ITAR compliance
  • Will de-brand on request
  • We carry general and professional liability Insurance

7. Simple, fast, 1-vendor solution

  • We take it all vs. ‘cherry picking’ lots
  • We arrange transportation/freight
  • We work with any situation
  • Buy from inventory list (with or without CofCs or provenance)
  • Buy from visual inspection
  • Even make offers sight-unseen

8. A ‘green’ image and community focus

  • Re-use is the greenest form of recycling
  • All materials are handled in an environmentally-sensitive manner and/or are recycled if not sold
  • We’ve historically donated computer equipment and other excess through groups such as Computers For Kids, The Salvation Army, and other local charities
  • We've even had some success with directing low-value materials for use in art and craft projects, rather than sending to a landfill

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