The Process:

By now, you have likely seen a theme on the Stockroom Liquidators site. No two clients or opportunities are the same. This means that our process is simply a framework we developed over years, but one that is tailored as needed. The basic elements are typically constant though:

1. Find the opportunity: We don’t want to give away all of our secrets here, but suffice it to say that we employ direct marketing techniques, follow hundreds of auctions, employ good old fashion detective work, and even offer finders fees to those that bring us successful deals. Of course our most fulfilling scenarios are our repeat clients and those that come by word of mouth/reputation.

2. Establish contact: Contact can be in either direction. But nothing is more important than that first exchange. We have established this site in large part as a way for you to reach out to us. We like to talk on the phone as it fits our ‘personal’ model, but e-mail works too, and sending us an inventory list is a great way to expedite the process.

3. Determine any special conditions: Will an NDA be required ? Are there ITAR concerns ? Do you require we de-brand or sanitize ? Are there special timing considerations ? In addition, if it is a large volume of material, or large items, we will discuss the logistics of which party prepares material for shipping, who loads trucks, rigging, etc.

4. Gather data: The more data we can gather about the items for sale, and the faster we can get it, the better (see Maximizing Value). We love to receive inventory lists with the following data, but are also able to come to you and visually inspect lots of inventories are not available.

  • Quantity
  • Part Number (Manufacturer #)
  • Manufacturer
  • Brief Description
  • Condition (New, NOS, Used, Refurbished)
  • Packaging

5. The offer: We frequently make an offer based solely on the data we gather remotely. For complex or poorly documented lots, we can make a site visit to establish offers. Offers can be verbal or written (Client’s preference). For some opportunities, we can explore several options including a brokering situation where you retain the items and we work to bring you a buyer.

6. Acceptance: Once we settle on a fair and accepted offer, we will develop and send a written Purchase Order (PO) for the value of the order. Once we receive and accepted PO from the Client, we can make transportation arrangements.

6. Transportation: Depending on the size of the lot, we will make transportation arrangements. Items may be shipped via ground services such as UPS/FedEx, we can pick-up the lot with our truck and trailer, or for larger lots, we will arrange a freight company to pick-up the load. We can also accommodate loads with special needs such as rigging or locations without loading docks, forklifts or closed facilities.

7. Payment: Naturally, payment is a critical part of why you sell. We respect that, and work to tailor this piece of this transaction. Often we are on-scene for the material pick-up and we pay on the spot. We will work to find an arrangement that de-risks the situation for all parties.

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