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Focus Areas / Specialties:

We buy, sell and/or broker new and used inventory and equipment. We are typically called upon for inventory reduction, facility shut-downs or total liquidations. While we will gladly present an offer on most lots, we have historically specialized in:

1. Industrial goods

  • Relays, motors, lasers, switches, controllers, data acquisition, proximity sensors, bearings, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, storage, material handling, linear slides, solenoids, pistons, tooling, and many other types of products and equipment

2. Aerospace items

  • Defense aviation items
  • Commercial aviation items
  • General aviation items

3. Defense

  • Weapon parts
  • Simulation materials/items
  • Militaria
  • Tactical gear
  • Other

4. Electronics / components (MIL-SPEC or commercial)

  • ICs, discretes, passives, LEDs, pots, diodes, switches, lamps, converters, wire, knobs, crystals, connectors, chokes, sensors, filters, soldering equipment, inspection and test equipment, and many other types of devices and products

5. IT

  • Computers/servers and accessories, switches, routers, storage, cabling, racks, and many other types of products

6. Tools and tooling

  • Metal working and machining
  • Wood working
  • 3D printing
  • All types of tools and accessories

7. Hardware (MIL-SPEC or commercial)

  • Fasteners, cable, wire, stand-offs, bushings, bearings, and many other types of hardware

8. A/V gear

  • Projectors, displays, pro-audio gear, headphones, speakers, microphones, and many other types of equipment

9. Research and Development (R&D) residuals

10. Consumer and/or commercial electronics

11. Sporting goods

12. Vehicle parts & accessories (civilian and military)

13. Marine parts & accessories (civilian and military)

14. Building materials:

  • Plumbing fixtures, fittings, supplies, tools
  • Electrical fixtures, fittings, supplies, tools
  • HVAC fixtures, fittings, supplies, tools
  • Architectural items
  • Hardwood lumber
  • Fasteners