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The Principals

(Client improves cash position & takes write-off) + (SL profits on spread between buy price and sell price) = (Environment benefits by re-using assets vs. landfill)

Just as importantly, it has provided our principals with the ability to create the business culture they have always wanted to work in… one where honesty and ethics govern our internal and external actions every moment of every day… no gray areas, no exceptions, no excuses ! We call it the mirror test: “How will the actions I take today, make me feel about the person I see in the mirror tomorrow”?

Coming down from our soapbox, let’s talk a little bit about capabilities. SL staff have the horsepower in Engineering, Business Development, Project Management and Executive Leadership to continue growing the organization. We are the epitome of lean, but have developed a scalable model that accommodates flexing our labor, plant and equipment footprint while ensuring consistent leadership and customer interface so that we can preserve and strengthen our relationships long into the future.

Give us a call or drop a note. We are confident that you will find that working with us is an efficient and professional experience with real people just like you.

Stockroom Liquidators (SL) is a woman-owned small business and is one of the Banana River Technology Consulting, Inc. family of businesses. It is the culmination of 15 years of experience and passion for finding the value in excess inventory or assets. The genesis of the business was the day that one of our founders witnessed pallets of material being loaded into the dumpster of the defense contractor they were working for.

What started as a hobby has become a business that we truly believe is a win-win-win proposition. What do we mean by that ? Let’s start with a little math:

About Our Company