That's easy: We are the higher value and more socially responsible way to remove inventory and get to your write-off. We respect your time, we value your business, and we strive to make it simple for you.

Stockroom liquidators has the experience, infrastructure and capital to provide you a fast, painless and professional experience.

Our specialty is to tailor a solution to your unique situation. Put simply, we solve your problem, rather than putting the onus on you to fit our model.

We are a small business that provides personal attention and treats every client the way we would expect to be treated.

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Mission Statement:

Fast, Easy and Professional Asset Liquidation 

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In our 15+ years in this activity, the one thing we have learned is that every scenario is unique. That said, we have gained a significant body of knowledge in the process of monetizing assets for individuals, small and large businesses.

1: There are any number of reasons to liquidate inventory, equipment, IP or other assets. Typical examples are cash flow, inventory write-off, space reclamation, stale inventory, a green alternative to disposal costs, or discontinuing operations/activities/products. Often times, the reason is a combination of these.

2: When the decision is made to liquidate, time is of the essence.

3: Our clients may have a detailed and accurate inventory, they may only have a partial/inaccurate inventory spreadsheet, or simply a sequestered group of pallets to bid on.

4: Some deals require special handling such as de-branding, protecting trade secrets, sanitizing data, or ensuring ITAR compliance.

5: Lots range in size from a single box to several truckloads of pallets, or even flatbeds of equipment that require rigging.

Our mission is simple: We seek fair profits from our ability to monetize your problem assets.

More specifically, we endeavor to create the premier service for assisting entities by liquidating unwanted inventory or assets either through direct-purchase or brokerage.

Our clients may have any number of reasons for needing to dispose of assets, and their timelines may vary. We desire to identify and capture these opportunities, by understanding the needs of our clients and crafting the best possible solution.

Further, we strive to produce a reasonable profit through resale of these assets in order to provide a fair wage and healthy, balanced work environment for our employees and their families.

By maximizing opportunities for an end-use market for said assets, we will do our part to ensure the most environmentally friendly outcome.

Finally, we insist on being known as a true business partner that is easy to work with, ethical and honest in all interactions.

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